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The true Hair Lenght is alsways the streched Lenght. Whilst a straight Hair always have the true lenght this will not apply for wavy or curly Hair. You might order your curly hair or wavy hair 1 or 2 sizes longer to have the Lenght you like

1" = 2,54cm

Here you see how to measure a Wig correct

Whilst customizing your favorite Wig there might apply the Option to Choose between Closures and Frontals

Choose the Option you like more

1" = 2,54 cm

On many Wigs you will be able to Choose the Density of the Wig.

A Wig with more Density is made with more Hair Wefts in the back which will let it look thicker

On some of our Wigs you can Choose between 150% 180% and 250% Density. If not then the Density which is available is shown and not changable

Please keep in Mind that most Wigs on the Market only are made with 130% Density, that means even our Standard Wigs with 150% are thicker than most others are

The Random Cap Size for Wig is "M / Medium"

If you need a smaller (S / Small) or (L Large) Wig Cap then please write that as Comment at your order

Orders without Cap Size in Comment will always get sent in Size M

1" = 2,54cm

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