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About us

We are a Online Distribuidor of high quality Hair Extensions located in Frankenthal in Germany.

we have Experience for many years in selling Hair Products. Our Business started in the Caribean, our Head Shop is located in the Dominican Republic. You may ask what have Extensions to do with white Caribean beaches, blue Ocean and cold Cocktails???

This is easy. The attitude from latinamerican Woman is to have a very good appearance. And this for many women there also include using Hair Extensions. With our top Quality Products and our fair Prices we could establish our business there and had thousands of happy clients.

Here you now have the opportunity to buy our products here in Germany. You wont Regret it.

We only sell weave in Hair and Closures. Also we do not offer many color variations. With a Reasson

We only sell the Colors we can steady offer in the same good Quality. Because we do not want to have 100 diffrent color types. We want Happy Clients. We also sell Weave in Hair because it is the best Technique to not damage your own Hair. With Micro Rings or Bondings you may damage your own Hair irreparable. The Braids of your own Hair to Install the wefts wont damage your own hair.

Actual most of our Clients here in Germany are Africans, black Americans and Latins because they know weave in Hair is the best technique to do Hair Extensions. And so far all are Happy with our Quality

If you need someone to Install the Hair the best advise is to ask in your local Afroshop